How to size my VKTORI braless ribbed knit tee?


EXAMPLE: if you are a size medium, you'd want to measure from the top of your shoulder, over your boobs, and down 14 inches. If your boobs fall within the 14 inches then VKTORI will be for you!

Since there is no support, your boobs will fall where they naturally fall. Warning, this might be a weird, strange, and peculiar initial feeling and visual experience because society has socialized us into valuing perky and bra-lifted breasts. Once you accept that your boobs will sit a little lower than normal, it will be all happy nippy liberation for you and your two breastfriends.

Our current product is best for cup sizes below due to the static and non-supportive function of our nipple shielding liner. We are working to expand our current product offering to our larger busted community in the future.